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Invest In American Beef

H Lazy P is family owned and operated cow-calf operation primed for expansion. We are operating as a solely investment driven Limited Liability Corporation. The cattle industry is strong. With growing world population and efforts by industry organizations to further our foreign trade markets, demand is steadily increasing. We are currently seeking investors to allow for further expansion of our cow herd to accommodate the growth demands in the marketplace.


Beef cattle production represents the largest single segment of American agriculture. The estimated value of beef cattle in the U.S. is $70.6 billion. More than 50 percent of the total value of U.S. sales of cattle and calves comes from the top 5 states, which includes Colorado. The beef industry provides more than one million jobs in the U.S.


We have developed an investment program that is designed on a 5 year model. Investors can pull out at any time. The profit margin dividends are dispersed annually, on December 31st. We are currently accepting minimum investments of $10,000. Performance forecasts are extremely favorable.


We confidently believe that this operation will deliver high return on investment. Please contact us to gain access to our Budget and Performance documentation.



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