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About Us

H Lazy P is a family owned and operated cow-calf operation. Our team consists of Mike and Connie Bell & sons Eric, Keith and Ryan. Our family has been in the cattle industry for four generations.

H Lazy P boasts a high quality 480 acre summer and fall pasture. It consists of hay meadows with senior water rights that are irrigated and harvested for winter feed. This facility helps keep our cows fit and healthy and our calves performance weight gains of 3 to 4 pounds per day. The cattle are also wintered here at the home ranch. On site, we have a full set of working corrals and shipping facilities for cattle management and we lease all of the haying equipment, tractors, pickups, and trailers.

We are also very involved in the growth and expansion of the industry, being active members in The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. The videos below offer excellent insight into the state of the market.

Beef USA Cattlemen